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Super Bowl Sunday!

Who here is watching the Super Bowl??? That's what's going on here at our house today! I didn't eat the healthiest today, but that's ok, there's always tomorrow... We had some chips and salsa, I made mom some guacamole, and then we made some pigs in a blanket, or as I was calling them, little pig skins haha! Then for dinner we had shredded beef sandwiches and potato salad. I cooked the meat in the crock pot all day and let me tell you, it smells and tastes delicious! I've had the worst cough the past week, and I decided to make an appointment to see the doctor about it. I go on Thursday to see about it. Hopefully it goes away soon though, I think I pulled a muscle in my side from all the coughing. Another reason I am hoping this cough goes away soon, I am starting Real Estate classes this week. I'm hoping I don't have a coughing fit in the middle of class. My classes are this Tuesday and they go for about 6 weeks. I will be going 3 nights a week, fro
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Weekend Adventures

This weekend has definitely been an adventure! I started Saturday off by getting up dark and early and heading out at 6am to pick up my sister from another mister and misses Mandy! She was going a bit stir crazy at her house, so I picked her up and headed (same day) back to AZ. It was a long day, but we made it back, in the dark, but we did it!  On our way back, we stopped at one of my favorite burger places P&G's for lunch. I know, burgers aren't the healthiest of meals, but I hadn't been there in almost a year, so I figured it was a great time to have them! I got myself a pastrami cheese burger! It was delicious and it will probably be quite a while before I go again. Side note on why it's been so long since I had been there.. The last time I was at P&G's was my last day working at Amazon. I left that part of my work history on February 4th of 2019 and then I moved to Arizona March 1st of 2019. So far anytime I have traveled back to California to

Barre Prep

Since I worked my way through the amazing program Morning Meltdown 100, it's time for me to start a new program! I was debating what program I want to do since I'm about to start Real Estate school this coming February. Since I'm going to be going to school 3 nights a week for 6 weeks, it's going to be some long days for me. I'll be working all day and have about an hour between when I get off and when I have to be at school, and then I won't get home until almost 11:30 at night. That being said, a workout that requires every day won't work for me right now. I was thinking about doing LIIFT4 since it's only 4 days (and I love love love Joel Freeman) but then I went to the Super Friday they had here in Phoenix and the workout that we did was Barre Blend! It was definitely a new experience! It was more difficult than I thought, but it was a lot of fun and I'm definitely excited to start the new program! This program was created by Super Trainer Elise

I Commit to 100!!!!

Currently I am doing a Beachbody program called Morning Meltdown 100 .  If you've never heard of Morning Meltdown 100, I'm going to let you in on a little secret! This in an insanely amazing workout program! The program is 100 days with 100 dynamic and amazing workouts created by Jericho McMatthews. As you can probably tell that the idea of this program is that you take the first 20-30 minutes of your day to melt away a layer of fat and to start your day off right. This would be great if I was a morning workout kind of person haha! I did almost every workout in the evening after I would get home from work. The beauty of this program is that it doesn't matter what time of day you do the program, it's amazing anytime of the day! There was 5 different phases, 20 workouts per phase. We had Cardio Meltdown, Upbeat Strength, Core Inferno, Total Body Badass, Freestyle Flow, LIT Cardio, Downbeat Strength, Fight Cub (my favorite! But shh, we can't talk about it 😉), Melt

Whipping up a New Day

Have you ever typed into your internet search what the "National Day" is? I do this on a regular basis, for instance, my birthday is National Peanut Brittle Day! That's quite a few days away from now though and today actually had four different proclaimed holidays for the day. I like to celebrate the national what day with something so going down the list, we started with National Screenwriters day! I'm no screen write, so I went onto the next item on the list which was National Bird Day. Birds are great, but the only ones I really see around are the Pigeons that want to try and nest under our solar panels. Finally the last two on the list were things I could partake in, one was Keto, but since I don't really eat much Keto, I decided to pick National Whipped Cream Day! I had about 6 tubs of whipped cream in my freezer and a graham cracker crust in the pantry just waiting to be used. So I pulled it all out and found a recipe for a chocolate pudding pie! I added

Here's to the Adventure!

Hello all! I'm Candace! I am a Beachbody coach and I also really love food! This is a place for me to share my journey with everyone and hopefully inspire some along the way! There will be posts about my workouts, posts about my food habits, and anything and everything in between! It's T minus 22 days until I turn 31. I'm still trying to figure out what to do for my birthday, so if anyone out there has any ideas for me, definitely let me know! Anyways! I just wanted to go ahead and introduce myself! Here's to a journey of adventures and I can't wait to see you all there!